Deepika Potarazu
Kuchipudi Dancer, Washington, United States


Deepika was born in Washington D.C. and comes from a family who bears a deep appreciation for the virtue and divinity of the fine arts. Deepika is considered one of the youngest leading exponents of Kuchipudi dance.

Deepika started her training in Kuchipudi at the age of eight under Guru Vempati Chinna Satyam and Guru Vempati Ravishankar. She also had the opportunity to establish a strong foundation in the fundamentals of dance under the guidance of other disciples of The Kuchipudi Art Academyincluding Kalpana Jayanthi and Vanaja Dasika.

She had the distinct opportunity of participating in recent productions and programs of the Kuchipudi Art Academy, in India and the United States, including Leela Ganapati performed at the Music Academy Dance festival in January 2009.

She is currently a sophomore (second year) at Duke University.

Shows & Major Performances


I was very impressed seeing her industry, concentration and unflagging energy…Deepika’s movements were scintillating and leg extensions in perfect alignment… Stealing butter as Krishna and alternating as Gopika, Deepika displayed her prowess in abhinaya, expressional dance [and] brought the house down - Dr Sunil Kothari

Deepika wowed an audience and judges comprising dancers and musicians…

Present was movie director K Vishwanath, who described Deepika as ‘the rising star of Kuchipudi’. He said, “ Deepika is one of the most gifted dancers I have ever seen in her grace, precision, abhinaya and footwork.’

Vyjanthimala said, ‘Deepika made It look so effortless… this was a program by a seasoned artist.’

Priyadarshini Govid said Deepika would ‘reach great heights in dance.’” - Aziz Haniffa, India Abroad


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Awards & Recognitions

Singar Mani - 2010

Singar Mani in 2010 at the prestigious Kal Ke Kalakar Festival, Mumbai

Yuva Kala Bharati

YUVA KALA BHARATHI by Bharat Kalachar in November of 2011

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