Amritha Murali
Carnatic Vocalist, Tamil Nadu, India


Amritha Murali belongs to a family of connoisseurs of music. Her exceptional musical instincts have been well nurtured by her parents and she has, today, gained much acclaim and popularity with the music fraternity as a highly talented musician of the younger generation.


She has had the good fortune of learning vocal music from great gurus , Vidvan Late Sri K R Kedaranathan, Vidushi Smt Meera Kedaranathan, and Vidushi Smt Rama Ravi. She is currently under the tutelage of Vidvan Sri P.S.Narayanaswamy. She also trains under Vidushi Smt.T.Rukmini for violin playing.

Amritha is an ‘A’ graded artiste of the All India Radio. 

She has been an active member and a past Vice- president of YACM, Youth Association for Classical Music, a premier forum for the promotion of classical music amongst the youth. 


Amritha is also under a fellowship granted by the Sangeet Natak Academy,New Delhi to learn advanced ragam, tanam and pallavis . 

She has received scholarships for pursuing both vocal and violin from the Tamilnadu Iyal Isai Nataka Manram, Sterling Group and the K.K.Ravi.Trust.                                                                                                             

Music releases and recordings

She has cut many discs with the reputed classical music recording company Charsur Digital Work Station, Chennai. 

Equally adept at playing the violin, she has won numerous awards and prizes for the same. She has performed many a concert with her guru Smt.T.Rukmini and has accompanied on the violin many senior artistes such as Shri T K Govinda Rao, Shri R.K.Srikantan, Smt.Suguna Varadachari, Smt Suguna Purushotham, Smt.Radha Viswanathan, Smt Kalpakam Swaminathan, Shri N Ramani, Shri N.Vijay Siva, Smt.S.Sowmya, Shri. T.M. Krishna, Smt.Ranjani &Gayatri and others all over the country and abroad. 

A bright student in academics, Amritha is an alumnus of P S Senior Secondary School and Ethiraj College, Chennai. She holds a Masters degree in Finance Management.

Shows & Major Performances


Amritha has been performing for all the major organizations all over the country that include prestigious ones such as the

  • Madras Music Academy, Narada Gana Sabha, Kartik Fine Arts, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Sri Parthasarathiswami Sabha, the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan,  Sri Thyaga Brahma Gana Sabha, Nada Inbam, Bharat Kalachar, the Indian Fine Arts society, Brahma gana sabha, Carnatica’s Bharat Sangeet Utsav and many other organizations in   Chennai,
  • Shanmukhananda Fine Arts, Rasika Ranjani sabha Ghatkopar, Mulund Fine Arts and Bhandup Fine Arts in  Mumbai and Poona Sangita Sabha in Pune,
  • Shanmukhananda Sangita sabha in Delhi,
  • Sri Rama Lalita Kala Mandira , Odakathur Mutt and other reputed sabhas in Bangalore,
  •  Kalasagaram and Sharada Bhakta Mandali in Secunderabad,
  • Manoranjitham,  Alapana and Rajalakshmi Fine Arts in Coimbatore,
  • Rasikapriya, Calcutta,
  • Sangeeta Parishad in Mangalore and Ragadhana in Udupi. 

She has had the blessed opportunity to perform at the prestigious Navaratri Mantapam in Trivandrum during their Navarathri festival. 

Amritha has been on vocal concert tours of the  U.S.A and Canada and has also performed at the prestigious Tyagaraja Utsavam at Cleveland, Ohio. 

She has also been promoted to sing in the senior slot during the Music Academy’s(Chennai) December music festival. 

Amritha has sung for many contemporary theatre performances directed by the renowned art critic Smt Gowri Ramnarayan.   She has also performed at the popular November fest hosted by The Hindu.

Musicians, rasikas and critics have been highly appreciative of her adherence to classical values and the aesthetic appeal of her concerts. 

Press Reviews    

“In Amritha's recital, the Sahana vinyasa for ‘Raghupate Rama,' was exhilarating. It was not flat and unadorned, but richly worked out, the sancharas subtly integrated with vocal articulation.The well-spaced sancharas compelled attention where manodharma coloured the lineage of Sahana. The ensemble of raga, kriti and niraval was rooted in the emotion of rakti. There was profundity in the simple but glowing beauty of the song presented by her. This item particularly brought out the sparkle and substance. Similar was her approach to ‘Neeke Dayaraaka' (Neelambari), the rhythm in the smooth-flowing sahitya pointing to her talent. The aesthetic vision in these two items helped Amritha look beyond just text book adherence. She fathomed Sahana's sensitivity and Nilambari's gentle temper with intensity.”

                                                         S V Krishnan (SVK), The Hindu, May 27,2011 

 “Her glistening, full-fledged Sahana remained with you long after Amritha Murali's  Vijayadasami Day concert at Raga Sudha Hall. The noble tone and niceties in gamaka brimmed with feeling, while intelligence ensured that the raga was not overstretched in repetitions or inaccuracies. Muthuswami Dikshitar's exquisite “  Shri Kamalambikayam'' (Tisra Triputa) was handled

with a maturity rare in so young a musician, proving that the song had been internalised before being rendered on the stage.”

                                           Gowri Ramnarayan ,The Hindu,Friday, Oct 06, 2006

“Clear Diction,Clean lines-Amritha Murali’s musical expression reveals and underlying conviction that rings true even to a jaded listener.Her music is refreshingly honest with  no pseudo- iconoclastic propensities to distort the clean lines of her straightforward presentation.”

                                                          Lalitha Krishnan , The Hindu,May 2006

 “Accent on Aesthetics- Intelligent planning and flawless execution.”

                                                                        Charukesi,The Hindu, Dec 31, 2008

 “ Chaste rendering of the great compositions of its maestros and a musical imagination rooted in good aesthetics and orthodox vocalisation uncluttered by gimmickry strong preference for gamaka over briga , a penchant for subtle prayogas, feeling, supported by intelligent concert planning.”

                                                                            Sruti Magazine- August 2007

“Amritha’s music was a showcase of truly classical music, bedrocked on its strict norms and yet replete with aesthetic and emotional appeal.The structural sweep and serenity and the triumph of substance over slickness were the attractions.”

                                                                    K.S.Mahadevan, The Indian Express

Contact Address

Kum.Amritha Murali

Old no.18, New no.2, Viswanathan Street,

Srinivasa Avenue, R.A.Puram,

Chennai- 600 028, TamilNadu, India      

Ph : +91.44.2461.2061/ +91.44.2461.7209 / +91.98400.26379                            

Email :


Awards & Recognitions

Isai Chudar

Kartik Fine Arts, Chennai

Yuva Kala Bharathi

Bharat Kalachar, Chennai

Kalki Krishnamurthy memorial award

Kalki Krishnamurthy memorial award 

Nada Oli

Nada Inbam, Chennai

Dr.M.L.Vasantakumari memorial award

Dr.M.L.Vasantakumari memorial award from Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha.

M S Subbulakshmi Award

Narada Gana Sabha, Chennai

Dharmatma Vaidyasubrahmanya Iyer Award

R A Puram Bhakta Jana Sabha, Chennai

Yuva Kalakaar Puraskar for the year 2005-06

Sri Shanmukhananda Fine Arts, Mumbai

AIR - 2000

All India Radio National Competition Prize , 2000

Outstanding Sub-Senior Vocalist award

2011 and 2010 and the best concert award in2009 for  the Sub- Senior category  from the Madras Music Academy

Best sub- senior vocalist

The Indian Fine Arts Society and Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha ,Chennai

Voleti Venkateshwarulu Endowment Prize

Sri Krishna Gana Sabha

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