P S Narayanaswamy
Carnatic Vocalist, Tamil Nadu, India
Date of Birth : 23 - Feb - 1933


Puliyur Subramaniam Narayanaswamy also spelt Narayanaswami was born in Konerirajapuram, Thanjavur in Madras Presidency. He learnt music from Tiruppambaram Somasundaram Pillai, T. M. Tyagarajan and later PSN came under Sangita Kalanidhi Mudikondan Venkatarama Iyer, and then under the gurukulavasa system, he joined Semmangudi in the early 1950s. PSN had started giving concerts, both public and through All India Radio, at the age of 15. It is interesting to note that no one else from his family took to music; his brother is an engineer and sister a medical practitioner.

Pichai moved over to Chennai in the second half of the Fifties and soon established himself as a classy concert artiste and a teacher of high order. Blessed with a powerful voice, Narayanaswami absorbed the special aspects of the music of all stalwart musicians of the last century, carving out a style of his own, even though the Semmangudi style was clearly perceptible in his renditions. He has had the privilege of being accompanied by stalwarts of the last century such as, violin maestro Pappa Venkataramaiah and mridangam Palghat Mani Iyer for his concerts. PSN's own students, who have made a significant mark on the concert platform, comprise a large number. This list consists of not only vocalists but also violinists and other instrumentalists.

Shows & Major Performances

PSN served All India Radio, Chennai, as a conductor of the Vadya Vrinda, and he is accredited with a number of symphonies. Setting to music a number of compositions is another aspect of his musical virtuosity. `Tiru Arutpa' was set to music by him and this was presented by him at a recent conference of the Music Academy, along with his students.

Awards & Recognitions

Padma Bhushan
by the Government of India this year comes as a crowning glory
Sangeetha Kala Acharya
In 2000, he was conferred this title by the Music Academy
Bala Gana Kala Rathnam
He was awarded this at the age of 12.
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