Priya Murle
Bharatanatyam Dancer, Tamil Nadu, India


Priya Murle, a senior disciple of Padmashri Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy, has been with Shree Bharatalaya, a Premier Institution of Fine Arts in Chennai, for over 4 decades.
Intense training and commitment to the art form have marked Priya's career in Bharatanatyam.

Hailing from a family with a deep interest in the arts, Priya has a multi-dimensional approach to Dance. A Performer, a Choreographer and a Teacher, she has also a keen interest in Music, Nattuvangam and Sanskrit. She has done research in the field of Aesthetics and has worked on the Rasa Theory as part of her M.Phil dissertation.

She has also contributed articles on dance to many art magazines like the India Magazine and portals like, and She also Worked for the Research and Documentation Centre of Sruti Foundation that brings out Sruti, a Premier magazine of music and dance.

Shows & Major Performances

She has numerous performances in and outside India, to her credit. She has performed in all the major sabhas of Chennai and other places in India. She was a part of the ICCR sponsored tour, along with her Guru Prof. Sudharani Raghupathy, to Spain and Moscow.

She has performed for the Yuva Utsav of the Sangeet Natka Academi, at Thiruvananthapuram. She performs regularly in both solo and group presentations. She has traveled extensively to Spain, Moscow, United states, Canada, Switzerland giving performances, lecture demonstrations and conducting dance workshops. She has trained students of The Colgate University, Hamilton, New York. Priya has also exposure to contemporary dance and has taken part in a few productions of Smt.Anita Ratnam. She has attended workshops in Kalari, Taichi and Bhutto dance of Japan. She has also undergone training in Therukoothu.

Priya also conducts Bharatanatyam recitals and is particularly known for her powerful rendering of the jathis.

Priya was also part of the editorial team of shree Bharatalaya and assisted in bringing out the Hanbook on Bharatanatyam, titled Laghu Bharatham', Volumes I,II and III.

Priya's dedication to the art is reflected in her recitals and she has been hailed as the torch bearer of the younger generation in the field of Bharatanatyam

Priya's performance of Amba-Shikhandi (A tale of cross-gender revenge) for the Bharatham Mahabharatam Series Of characters form the Mahabharata series of characters from the Mahabharata Organized by Natyarangam received rave notices.

Along with Roja Kannan, Srikanth and Ashwathi Srikanth, Priya has started the Parasah group. This group has presented almost 100 shows of the compositions of Subramania Bharathi in all the majaor sabhas in Cities of Tamilnadu, Mumbai, Delhi, Kerala, Singapore, USA and Canada. The group has also presented a thematic production on motherhood titled "Annaiye Potri". Parasah has also presented Arthanareewashara Kuravanji and Prapatti Marga. Her role as Shakuni in the theatre production of Panchali sabhatham by the same group of dancers has received special mention and praise by Senior Gurus themselves.

Awards & Recognitions

The senior scholarship for Dance
Was awarded from the Department of Culture,Govt.of India
Yuva Kala Bharathi
She received the prestigious title in 1991,from Bharath Kalachar.
Bharatha Kala Bhushana
She was awarded the title in 1995 from Shree Bharatalaya,1995.
Nritya Vidya Ratna
She got the title from Sarasalaya,1999.
Nadanamamani Title & Shriram Award of Excellence
from Sri Kartik Fine Arts, 2002.
Priya is an empanelled artiste of the Indian Council of Cultural Relations
Government of India.
Smt. Rukmini Devi Arundale Endowment Award for Best dancer
from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, 2006.
Obul Reddy Award for Senior Dancer
from Narada Gana Sabha In August, 2008.
The title Satha Laya Jala Sundaram
from The Bharatanjali Trust of Smt. Anita Guha in Nov, 2008.
Priya was selected to Train Nattuvangam
under Smt. Indra Rajan,eminent guru and nattuvanar, by the Central Sangeet Natak Akademi in 2008-2009.
Chosen by the Akademi to train from the Carnatic Music doyen, Vidwan Madurai N.Krishnan.
Swathi Tirunal Endownment Award
by Narada Gana Sabha in 2010
Vani Kala Nipuna
from Sri Tyaga Brahma Gana Sabha in August 2011
Secretary of Abhai
Association of Bharatanatyam Artistes of India.
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