T M Krishna
Carnatic Vocalist, Tamil Nadu, India
Date of Birth : 22 - Jan - 1976

T. M. Krishna is one of the most acclaimed artistes in the field of carnatic music. Born to Mrs. and Mr. T.M.Rangachary, T.M.Krishna belongs to a family of music connoisseurs. From a very early age he was exposed to the classical art, especially carnatic classical music. His grand uncle Mr. T.T.Krishnamachari was one of the founders of the Madras Music Academy, a premier institution in the field of Indian performing arts. He has had the good fortune of listening to a number of concerts by stalwarts from the age of 2. This has greatly influenced his outlook and approach to Carnatic music.

He learnt Carnatic music under the tutelage of Vidwan Sri Seetharama Sharma from the age of 6. He had special training under Sri Chengalpet Ranganthan and Dr Semmangudi Srinivasa Iyer too.

His resonant and mellifluous voice and strict adherence to classicism have enriched his music performances. His music is marked with a very high level of aesthetics in conception and execution. He is known for his tremendous Manodharma (Imagination) and Sampradaya (Traditional) Sangeetha (music). His complete involvement and his ability to unfold ragas with ease has left many a listener lost in his music.

Shows & Major Performances

Some of the awards

T M Krishna actively associates himself with many socio cultural projects - Kalachara Marumalarchi Trust, Svanubhava, Sumanasa Foundation, YACM, Jnanarnava Trust, shabda.co.in and more. He married Sangeetha Sivakumar, a Carnatic musician herself, on November 7, 1997, and has two daughters, Arya and Anantha.

  • Yogam Nagaswamy Award - Music Academy , Chennai - 2005
  • Sangeetha Shiromani - Shanmukhananda Sabha, Mumbai - 2004
  • Title Nada Bhushanam - Shanmukhananda Sangeetha Sabha, Delhi - 2003
  • Title Isai Peroli - Karthik Fine Arts - 2002
  • Kalki Krishnamurthy Award - 2001
  • Youth Award for Excellence - Maharajapuram Vishwanatha Iyer Trust - 2001
  • Best senior performing artist - Music Academy , Chennai - 2001
  • Title Sangeetha Kala Bharathi - 2000
  • G. Ramakrishna Iyer award - Music Academy , Chennai - 1999
  • Srirangam Gopalrathnam award - Music Academy , Chennai - 1998
  • K.V. Mahadevan award for excellence - 1997
  • Title Yuva Kala Bharathi - Bharath Kalachar - 1997
  • Ariyakudi Ramanuja Iyengar award - Music Academy , Chennai - 1996
  • Musician of the year - Narada Gana Sabha - 1995
  • Best junior vocalist - Krishna Gana Sabha - 1995
  • Best main performer - Youth Association for Classical Music - 1989
  • Spirit of Youth award - Music Academy , Chennai - 1988
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