Amrutha Venkatesh
Carnatic Vocalist, Karnataka, India


Amrutha Venkatesh learnt music under Gurus Sri M.T. Selvanarayana, Smt Charumathi Ramachandran and Prince Rama Varma.
She is also Adept at playing the Veena and has passed Vidwat with Distinction in 2003

Thematic Concerts:

Compositions of Swathi Thirunal, Mutthuswami Dikshithar, Gopalakrishna Bharati, Periyasaami Thooran, Trinity
Compositions on Krishna, on Rama, on Shiva, on Devi, on Mahalakshmi,
Three Raagam concert (with Shahana,Yadukulakambhoji and Shankarabharanam) etc.

CD Releases:

Charsur Digital Workstation has released albums :
December Season 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and Thematic CDs Tulasi in 2008, Narasimha in 2009, Saveri in 2010 and Ramayanam in 2011
Carnatica has released Samarpanam (live concert 2006)


Endowed with a good voice that has range, depth and good shruti alignment, Amrutha is not given to excesses in any one area and is able to deliver her music with a pleasing tonal clarity that is common in Hindustani music, but often dismissed in the Carnatic system, in pursuit of other ideals. She sits back from the mike most of the time and the taara sthayi “shouting” effect common in Carnatic concerts was mostly absent – Uday Shankar in The Hindu

"Gopanandana" (Bhooshavali) and ``Sevikka Vendumayya" (Andolika) proved that Amruta could handle madhyama kala kritis well and offer variety. Her pathantara was unwaveringly classical – Gowri Ramnarayan in The Hindu.

Her raga vinyasam of Varali was full of power with a happy blend of karvais and madhyamakala phrases for the kriti, `Seshachalanayakam.'

The niraval and swaras for the song were accomplished in proper proportion. Her raga alapana of Kambhodi in an alluringly easy style without any excess (though marred by swara slippages in the tara sthayi) spoke of her diligent training – T L Ganapathy in The Hindu.

Shows & Major Performances


Performed over 300 concerts all over South India and Mumbai including

Navarathri Mandapam, Swathi Sangeethothsavam at Thiruvananthapuram.
The Music Academy, Narada Gana Sabha, Sri Krishna Gana Sabha, Naada Inbam, Mylapore Fine Arts, Kalaarasana, Indian Fine Arts, Tyaga Brahma Gana Sabha, Musiri House and all major Sabhas in Chennai;
Shanmukhananda Sabha, Chembur Fine Arts, BRR Sabha, Thane Kala Mandal, Music Triangle, Mumbai
TTD Naada Neerajanam,Tirumala
Ananya, Malleswaram Sangita Sabha, Bangalore.
Poornatrayesha Temple Utsavam Ernakulam, Palghat Fine Arts, Palghat.


G-4 Renaissance Mangalam,
No.40, 13th Cross, 11th Main,
Bangalore 560003, India

Phones: 9180.2344.1778/ 91.98869.23321

Awards & Recognitions

DK Pattammal award

DK Pattammal award of Excellence from Kartik Fine Arts, Chennai (2010) 

A Grade artist

‘A’ Grade artist of All India Radio

Ramabhadran Centenary Award

Ramabhadran Centenary Award from TAG Centre, Chennai.

Best Main Artist Award

Best Main Artist Award from Hamsadhwani, Chennai (2007) and Vani Mahal, Chennai (2008

Best Vocalist Award

Best Vocalist Award from the Music Academy, Chennai in the Spirit of Youth series (2006) and CMANA Endowment Prize from the Music Academy, Chennai (2007)

Second Prize - All India Radio Music Competition

All India Radio Music Competition Second Prize (2005) 

Voleti Venkateswarulu Concert

Voleti Venkateswarulu Concert prize from Sri Krishna Gana Sabha (2004)

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