Vasuda Kesav
Carnatic Vocalist, Tamil Nadu, India

Vasuda Kesav is a leading Carnatic Music, vocalist. She has been performing music concerts for over two decades. Blessed with a voice of unusual power, range & timbre, she expresses herself with sonorous clarity. She establishes an instant rapport with her listeners and maintains purity of the classical form. She is also a great teacher and has trained a number of students as well as musicians.

Music Lineage:

Vasuda hails from a famous musical family. Her guru is the renowned artist Smt. H S Mahalakshmi, who is also her aunt (father’s sister) and whose musical lineage traces to the legendary Tiger Varadachariar and Harikeshanallur Muthaiah Bhagavathar. Her grand father, Hemmige Srirangachar was a court musician during the reign of H H Krishnaraja Wodeyar IV, the Maharaja of Mysore.
Blessed with good musical family background and her aunt as her guru, Vasuda underwent music training in the gurukula system, considered the best way to learn classical music. She is a commerce graduate and a post graduate in music from the University of Mysore and is currently under the tutelage of Padmabhushan, Sangeetha Kalacharya, Sri P S Narayanaswamy of Chennai, a well known musician and guru for many leading vidwans and vidushis.

As a teacher:

Apart from performing, Vasuda is also known for her teaching skills. She has worked as Music faculty with the presitious Jagadguru Sri Sivarathriswara Composite Pre University College (An educational institute run by the prestigious JSS Mahavidya Peetha) for over 5 yrs and currently is involved in teaching assigment for the renowned Carnatica Gurukulam ( and is also training a number of students and musicians online, some of whom are concert performers. She is also training the students in USA to perform during the Tyagaraja Aradhana Celebration under the “Sustaining Sampradaya “ Program for the prestigious Cleveland Tyagaraja Aradhana.

Shows & Major Performances

An 'A-grade' artist of All India Radio, Vasuda has been performing under the auspices of major organizations all around the country and abroad for over two decades. Her programmes are being aired on Radio and Television quite regularly.
She has given lecdem on unique and interesting topics like –“Healing through Music", which was well received by the audience.

Vasuda is also adept in performing "Avadhana Pallavis" a highly complicated pallavi structure. She has performed avadhana pallavis on quite a few occassions and has won the approbation of the vidwans and rasikas

In addition to the regular concerts, Vasuda has performed thematic concerts like Saint Purandaradasa's devaranamas and other Haridasas compositions, exclusive tamil compositions by different vaggeyakaras(both pre and post trinity), exclusive krithis on Devi, Krishna, etc, under the auspices of prestigious organisations like The Madras Music Academy, Indian Fine Arts Society, Chennai, Tamil Isai Sangam, Udupi Pejawara Mutt, Mudhra, Chennai etc

Audio Companies like Rajalakshmi Audio, Jhenkar Audio, MSIL , Shrusti’s Carnatica, Sruti Records etc have brought out her music in the form of CDs and Casettes.


A few press reviews – highlights:

Calm and composed with creditable sruti fidelity and laya control, reflect disciplined training coupled with inherent talent.
                                                                           - Sulochana Pattabhiraman , The Hindu

Vasuda does not muffle her voice which is sweet and pliable. In the higher octaves also there is a certain smoothness
                                                                                                              - KSR, The Hindu

Vasudha has an unfailing command over sruthi and her voice has a soft radiance which she marshals well to modulate it with effectiveness and ease. Her music has acquired a standard that is well-founded and grounded on the strongest of bases
                                                                                               - S Sivakumar, The Hindu

The Semmangudi style was obviously evident in Vasuda’s interpretation and approach
                                                                                          - H Ramakrishnan ,The Hindu

Visranthi characterised her concert, which was free of cliches and affectation
                                                                                            - T K Ganapathy, The Hindu

An experience that had you rooting for the vocalist as a participant rather than as a spectator
                                                                                         - Lalithaa Krishnan,The Hindu

She had absolute control over her voice and gave only what she thought was needed.
                                                                                                  - B Ramadevi The Hindu

With her ‘Birka filled’ good voice, she gave an impressive recital
                                                                        - Mysore V Subramanya, Deccan Herald

Vasuda proved to be an outstanding example of evocative music with her mastery over ragam, bhavam & layam which itself left a devout feeling in the minds of the listener
                                                                                                                 - Times of India

She was then acclaimed unanimously as a rising star on the Carnatic Music scene of the state
                                                                                                        - The Indian Express

Blessed with a voice of unusual Power, Range & Timbre, she takes over the audience from the word go
                                                                                                               - Sruthi, Chennai

She has a voice that moves with nonchalant pace in all ranges & even the lowest ranges comes off with sonorous clarity because she sports a shruthi slightly lower than the average feminine shruthi
                                                                                                        - The Indian Express

Her round of swaras had multiple combinations and a special kuraippu which confirmed her immense rhythmic abilities in this sub – domain

                                                                                              - S Sivakumar in The Hindu



94/5, Sri Ranga Villa, Dr. Ranga Road,
Abhiramapuram, Chennai - 600 018.

Ph: +9144.2498.6716 Mob +91.94450.70703, +91.94442.15719

Email: ,

Awards & Recognitions

Sangeetha Vidwath Shiromani

Sangeetha Vidwath Shiromani award by Vinayaga Temple Cultural Committee, Toronto, Canada in 2011.

Youth Excellence Award

Youth Excellence Award in Classical Music  by the Rotary Club of Chennai, West in 2004

Ananya Yuva Puraskar

Ananya Yuva Puraskar conferred by the prestigious Ananya Cultural Academy in the year  2002.

Sangeetha Bharathi

Sangeetha Bharathi award in the 2000

Sthree Sangeetha Shakthi

Sthree Sangeetha Shakthi conferred by Sthree Shakthi Prathishtana  in the year  2000

I place in All India Radio concerts

Secured I place in the concerts  competition conducted by All India  Radio at the National Level in 1991

Best Raga rendering

Awarded for Best Raga rendering by The Bangalore Gayana Samaja

Best Main Artist

Awarded as Best Main Artist by Karnataka  Ganakala Parishat

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