Anil Srinivasan
Pianist, Tamil Nadu, India
Date of Birth : 03 - Jun - 1977

Anil Srinivasan is a classical pianist from Chennai, India and is educated at the University of Southern California and at Columbia University, New York. Anil Srinivasan, brought up in a South Indian traditional atmosphere with Carnatic music all around right from birth, has studied western classical piano since the age of three, owing to which he has been well-trained in both Carnatic as well as Western Classical music. He is a creative music framer who believes in weaving complementary musical backgrounds where his collaborators emboss their music. He does not believe in mixing both the genres but prefers to bring out both the sides of his persona separately, by playing solo on Western Classical and being a Carnatic pianist when it comes to collaborating with other musicians.

Anil is best known for his collaborative work with Carnatic vocalist Sikkil Gurucharan. Anil Srinivasan and Sikkil Gurucharan have now become well-known for having charted a new genre of Carnatic music. Using the classical piano as a frame around the free-flowing classical South Indian voice, the duo has managed to create a significant following in a very short period of time. The format, eponymous with their critically acclaimed "Madhirakshi", released by Charsur (2006) has now come to be regularly featured on the festival circuit.

Shows & Major Performances

Anil Srinivasan is a trained western classical pianist while Sikkil Gurucharan is a well-known Carnatic vocalist. The two have recorded four albums together in just two years, starting with Madhirakshi (Charsur) and Maaya (Charsur), This and the Other (TVS) and The Blue Divine (Swathi Sanskriti). The duo came up with Tarunam (Swathi Sanskriti) in 2010. They were featured performers for the first ever TED conference held in India, in Mysore (November 2009).

Their work has now travelled to the United States (Fall 2008 tour), Singapore (Esplanade November 2008) and Malaysia (Fall 2008), and of course all over India. Anil and Sikkil have successfully toured Australia (2010) and the Far East (South Korea, 2011). They are usually accompanied only on the Khanjira (south Indian tambourine) by the versatile B S Purushotham. Other performers to have worked with the duo include Murad Ali on the sarangi, apart from John McLaughlin and Mandolin Srinivas (Anil Srinivasan accompanies them on Samjhanitha, released by Dreyfus and Sikkil Gurucharan accompanies them on Miles from India).

Other Collaborations

Anil Srinivasan and Lalgudi Krishnan have successfully collaborated to produce "Eternal Light" for Felmay Records, Italy, which has toured in the UK in 2010. Further, Anil Srinivasan and Unnikrishnan also work together quite frequently. His collaboration with Chitravina Ravikiran produced yet another album entitled "The Flame of the Forest". Anil hosted a television show, "Keys and Conversations" with well-known NDTV-Hindu anchor, Anuradha Ananth for 13 episodes. Anil Srinivasan has also composed music for several theatrical and dance production, working with artists such as The Dhananjayans, Ramli Ibrahim, Danseuse, Anita Ratnam, among others.


Anil Srinivasan has now partnered with Chennai-based Brhaddhvani, a 25-year-old music research centre, to co-found MusicUniv, a venture for music education based in Chennai "Music Venture". The mission is to promote music education in both private and Government schools. MusicUniv is all out to create awareness about how Indian schools have been ignoring this very vital sense of children that needs to be developed inspiring schools to build in music education as a part of their curriculum and. The lessons are constructed in an enjoyable manner with a mix of lectures, demonstrations and exercises. Anil also aspires to use satellite technology to create virtual classrooms reaching schools across the state in the future.

Anil is passionate about taking music to children and is the founder of Rhapsody- Education through music, which works to bring structured global music education in over 25 schools in Tamil Nadu. Rhapsody has reached out to over 3000 children so far, and is growing fast!





Awards & Recognitions

Ustad Bismillah Khan Yuva Puraskar

by Sangeet Natak Akademi for Creative and Experimental Music, the first in this category in August 2010

The Music Framer
Arts Icon

by popular city magazine, Ritz - Chennai Icon Awards

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