Drama Artiste, Tamil Nadu, India


Sundar was initiated into acting by his father Kalaimamani K.S.Nagarajan in the year 1958.
Sundar’s first stage appearance was in the Drama Thuppariyum Saambu.
Sundar has acted in 50 stage plays written by famous writers like Dr.Indira Parthasarathy, Devan, Marina, Saavi, Manian, Anuradha Ramanan, Kalikidasan, Poornam Viswanathan and Sujatha. (List enclosed).
He established himself as a good character actor and donned challenging roles with Poornam Viswanathan, Koothabiran, S.R.Verraraghavan, Manakkal Mani, Gemini Mahalingam, Shoba, Chandru and Karur Rangaraj.
Sundar himself is a writer and he has written and directed 13 stage plays for Kala Nilayam and one for Amirtham Gopal’s Geethanjali and one for Kudanthai Mali.

Shows & Major Performances

He has acted in more than 2000 stage shows of the above plays.
The plays written by Sundar have won several awards as a Best writer, Best Director, Best Actor for him besides awards for Kalanilayam artistes Chandru, Srimathi and Karur Rangaraj.
While 8 of his plays have been broadcast by All India Radio, two were telecast in Chennai Doordarshan.

Sundar worked for Canara Bank and took VRS as a Senior Manager in the year 2001. He worked for a software company later for 9 years and is currently working for Medihauxe International, a leading wholesale stockist for Oncology products.

Sundar had the support and guidance of his father Kalaimamani K.S.Nagarajan and Kalaimamani Poornam Viswanathan.

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