Kalanilayam K.S.Nagarajan
Drama Artiste, Tamil Nadu, India


The Triplicane Fine Arts Club (TFAC) the First Ever Amateur Drama troupe in Madras, was founded in 1946 by Kalaimamani K.S.Nagarajan and friends and it was later rechristened as “Kala Nilayam” in 1968. Kala Nilayam Nagarajan has produced plays written by Devan, Chandilyan, Vidwan Lakshmanan, Saavi, Marina, Kalkidasan, Anuradha Ramanan, Poornam Viswanathan and Sujatha. Since 1996, Kala Nilayam has been producing plays written by K.S.N.Sundar.

S.R.Veeraraghavan, Major Sundararajan, Poornam Viswanathan, Gemini Mahalingam, Manakkal Mani, Koothabiran were some of the popular artistes of Kala Nilayam who acted in the plays produced and directed by K.S.Nagarajan.

Kala Nilayam’s forte, is slice-of-life family dramas. Washingtonil Thirumanam, by Savi. Thani Kudithanam, Oorvambu, Kaalkattu, Sky Lab Sammandhi, Vadapalaniyil Valmiki by Marina, Idaya Malar by Manian, Himsaigal by Anuradha Ramanan are some of the popular plays produced and directed by K.S.Nagarajan.

When an institution grows individuals also grow and their personal ambition to hoist their own flags to earn fame widens. Poornam Viswanathan and Marina started their own out fit in the year 1979. Undeterred by the exit of a popular artiste and a popular writer, Nagarajan continued with his journey and crossed several glorious milestones. Almost every troupe in Chennai City has at least one person who has either acted or participated in the production of Kala Nilayam’s plays.

Shows & Major Performances

Chandru, K.S.N.Sundar and Karur Rangaraj are some of the members who are with K.S.Nagarajan for more than four decades. K.S.N.Sundar (Nagarajan’s son) himself is a writer and K.S.Nagarajan has produced 12 (Twelve) plays written by him.

K.S.Nagarajan firmly believes that Institution is greater than individual and for an artiste there is no age for retirement. True to his conviction, even at the age of 94, he goes on producing quality plays and contacting sabhas for staging his shows.

He has been felicitated and honored with several titles.

He was honored by Devan Trust managed by Charukesi.

No. of plays directed and produced by K.S.Nagarajan - 70

No. of shows the above plays were performed - More than 5000.

K.S.Nagarajan firmly believes that “age” is only a number and is not at all a constraint for him to continue his journey and produce quality plays, He never misses to witness the plays produced by other troupes and he can be seen in al the felicitation functions organized by the cultural organizations felicitating other troupes’ artistes, writers etc.

Two of today’s artistes Sundar and Chandru were initiated to stage and groomed by K.S.Nagarajan.

Awards & Recognitions

Iyakkunar Sigaram - 1974

By Kachaleeswara Gana Sabha

Nataka Ratna - 1974

By Kala Mandir of Coimbatore

Kala Seva Sironmani - 1991

By Balaji Fine Arts, Chennai

Kalaimamani - 1992

By Tamil Nadu Iyal Isai Nataka Mandram

Nataka Kala Sironmani - 1998

By Nungambakkam Cultural Academy

Kalasevasarathy - 2003

By Parthasarathy Swami Sabha

Kalasevabharathy - 2003

By Bharat Kalachar

Nataka Kala Nipuna - 2004

By Mylapore fine Arts Club

Nataka Padmam - 2004

By Brahma Gana Sabha

Nataka Ratna - 2006

By Nataka Academy

Nataka Kalasagara - 2006

By Kalasagaram  Hyderabad

Vani Kala Sudhakara - 2006

By Thyaga Brahama Gana Sabha

Kala Seva Ratna - 2009

By R.R.Sabha Mylapore

Suguna Vilasa Nataka Selvar - 2009

By Suguna Vilasa Nataka Sabha

Life Time Achieve Award - 2011

By Nungambakkam Cultural Academy

Life Time Achievement Award - 2012

By Hamsadvani

Life Time Achievement Award - 2012

By Karthik Fine Arts, Mylapore

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