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T.V.Ramanujacharlu, a Top Garde Violin Artsit, hails from a family of Traditional Music. He evinced greater interest in Carnatic Music even as a child and has his initial training in music from his father Shri T.K.Ramanujacharyulu, a flutist.

He started learning violin under his maternal uncle Shri N.Ch.Krishnamacharyulu, a renowned Violinst, Composer and Musicologist of Vijayawada, Andhra Pradesh. It was under the tutelage of Shri N.Ch.Krishnamacharyulu, in th Gurukula System for 14 years, his music attained great mastery in the intricacies, nuances and fineness of Carnatic Music. He is a Graduate of the Andhra University and also a Violin Diploma Holder of the same University.

T.V.Ramnujacharlu has an exquisite Gayaki Style of rendering ragas and Swaraprasthara, characterised by the best traditional classicism. His bowing technique is par excellence.

Shows & Major Performances

He has given many solo performances and accompanied many Top Ranking Vocalists and Instrumentalists. He has accompanied in National Programmes and Akashvani Sangeet Sammelanam Concerts also in 1997, he gave a Solo Concert in the Akashvani Sangeet Sammelan, at Bombay.

He has been regularly playing solo as well as accompaniment in all the leading Sabhas all over India. He has played Violin in many cassettes and CDs for various leading artists. He has composed tunes for many Devotional Songs like Divya Prabhandha Paasurams and also Light Music.

His concerts are an Aural feast. In 1994, he undertook a tour to United States of America as an accompanist.

He has trained many students in Carnatic Music. Shri T.V.Ramnujacharlu is now on the Staff of All India Radio, Tiruchirappalli.

Awards & Recognitions

First Prize - Music Competiton

In 1979, he won the First Prize in the All Indai Radio Music Competiton.

Senior Violinist Award

He has got the “Senior Violinist Award” of the Chennai Music Academy, for the year 1997-98.

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