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About Us
Welcome to ... a one-stop destination for the latest news and information on the performing arts of India - classical music and dance, theatre, bhajans, discourses, folk performances, and other lesser known art forms. Institutions that revolve around the performing arts have exploded in numbers, and thanks to the Internet which has made information easily accessible. Corporate patronage has played a big part in increasing the world-wide reach of the Indian arts.

A small group of enthusiasts have come together to give life to this venture. Our intention is to bring together enthusiasts from all corners of the world and create a vibrant community online, where members can network, learn and share their experiences. Beginning with a focus on the capital of South Indian culture, Chennai, we will slowly expand our reach to all forms of art from all regions of India and around the world.

As aficionados of fine art, you'll find event listings, artiste profiles, photo and video gallery, as well as a comprehensive online directory of sabhas, auditoriums, artistes, music schools, music stores, festivals and events production studios, makeup artists, theatre supplies, costume designers, AV vendors and more. We will feature hard-to-find pictures, videos and other media. With our blogs, we hope to bring to life the multifaceted views of the community. Our insightful newsletters will keep you up-to-date with the happenings in the cultural world. Guest articles, forums to discuss the arts and social interaction with other members round up the features of the website.

Jump into the sights and sounds of the Indian arts now. Use the Add an Event feature to submit your features and articles to the website! And, don't forget to share your feedback with us! We are always looking for ways to improve.