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SPOTLIGHT ON SINGAPORE: Conferencing with Nirmala Seshadri
01 November, 2014

-Hema Iyer Ramani Nirmala Seshadri is a Singapore-born Indian, trained in Classical Bharatanatyam. Like most Indian children who are introduced into learning the arts, Nirmala also found herself being pushed... read more

Tete-a-tete with Manjari
21 April, 2014

- By Hema Iyer Ramani  From dawn to dusk, the cows roam around the city of Varanasi, mingling with the crowd of people, perhaps herding  the  crowd that has... read more

Sandhya Raju - A Profile
06 December, 2013

- by V.V. Ramani

 It was just a family outing, an evening meant as entertainment for the children. But, the natya nadakam –... read more

Uma Namboodaripad Satyanarayanan
30 November, 2013

 - by Hema Iyer

“ The song that lies silent in the heart of a mother sings upon the lips of her child.” – Kahlil... read more

Roja Kannan spreads her fragrance on Malaysian Children
30 November, 2013

There were 40 children in their uniforms - that is, practising costumes, bouncing and swirling at the lobby of Narada Gana Sabha. Oh! True music engulfs you…But this is a... read more
Priyadarshini Govind : Curtain raiser and Awards : Convergence of Multiple Influences
26 December, 2012

- Vidya Saranyan December in Chennai is an exhilarating season for all rasikas and artists, but for one Bharatanatyam artist in particular this December will... read more

EPOCH OF EPIC WOMEN - Hema Ramani and V.V. Ramani
18 December, 2012

Year after year, the rasikas wait with bated breath for the season to begin – not just for performances, but also for the thought - provoking... read more

A Talented Young Dancer - by V.V.Ramani
13 December, 2012

Dr. Jyotsna Jagannathan, a talented young dancer balancing her time between medicine & dance has in a short span of time made a name for herself in the field of... read more
S.Janaki Moving With the Times - The Environment of Bharatanatyam
21 September, 2012

- Vidya Saranyan

S. Janaki is a well-known art commentator and writer with a sprightly presence in the hub of the Chennai cultural scene for over two... read more

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