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Energetic Evening
02 January, 2014

-Sukanya Kumar

Sandhya Raju’s charming and energetic rendition of solo Kuchipudi performance at Bharathiya Vidya Bhavan’s Tag centre was an aural and visual treat.

Having performed her ‘rangapravesham’ in 2006, this able student of Kishore Mosallikanti, enthralled the audience with fast paced, brisk and creatively choreographed pieces.

She commenced with a slokam followed by a popular Ganapathi stuthi ‘Ananda Narthana Ganapathim’ in raagam Naatai and taalam Aadi, a composition of Oothukadu Vankatasubaiyyar. This natya piece with abhinaya and footwork is in praise of Lord Ganapathi – the embodiment of wisdom.

Where swarams smoothly led into the sahityams, this piece with intricate rhythm patterns had portions of only nritta (pure dance) depicting Ganapathi as dancing with accompanying instruments.

Devotional verses from Jayadeva’s Gitagovindam were chosen for the Ashtapathi. ‘Rase hari miga’ is about the pangs of a youthful maiden. Choreographed by Vempatti Chinna Satyam, it brought out her skills in abhinaya.

She next presented the characteristic tarangam in praise of Lord Shiva. The Shiva Tarangam of Narayana Theertha in Ragamalika and Aadi taalam had dexterous footwork, extensive abhinaya and a much appreciated ‘balancing act’. She got on and off the brass plate (taambaalam) was with such grace that the transition seemed seamless! The sculpturesque poses especially of a ‘side profile linga’ painted beautiful imagery.

The costume designed in delightful color combo of leaf green with minimal portions in stark pink was appealing.

In short it was a delightful and artistically fulfilling evening.

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