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Fire And Ash
27 November, 2014

- V.V.Ramani

Justus Repertory recently presented the programme aptly titled Fire and Ash under the auspices of Kartik Fine Arts. The show featured three main artists – Gowri Ramnarayan, (who was in charge of concept, script, direction, choreographic music and set design), Anjana Anand (Bharatanatyam dancer/choreographer) and Savita Narasimhan (who not only provided vocal support, but also created few digital artworks as part of the stage setting).

The brochure philosophizes the nature of the concept even as it establishes the rationale behind using the title Fire and Ash. Says Gowri : “Fire and Ash symbolize the urgent needs of our ties - the destruction of negative forces, and the rejuvenation of positive energies.” The programme was a fine blend of music, dance and theatre, which highlighted the aspects and nature of Shiva. The compositions used for music were from a wide range of Indian poets in various languages, ranging from Kalidasa to Appar, Akka Mahadevi, Shahaji Raja, Tagore and Muthu Thandavar.

Gowri as narrator linked all the pieces to weave into a composite fabric.Music and dance interlocked themselves through the effortless singing of Savita Narasimhan and through the vibrancy of Anjana Anand’s dance. Songs like “theruvil varano”, Soordas bhajan, and Tagore’s Bengali composition were rendered melodically by the singer using popular Carnaticand Hindustani ragas. Anjana’s abhinaya skills were evident in her representation of Parvathy’s sringara, Soordas’ bhajan and her competence in nritta was showcased in the song Anbe Shivam.

The set design had all the elements of the theme which was evident through the use of  props like damaru, red fabrics, trishulam, and so on. It was indeed an evening which was a fine blend of music, dance, visual arts and theatre, packaged aesthetically to appeal to a cross section of people.

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