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Lava Kusa - Bharathanatya Natakam by Mahalakshmi Ashwin
21 January, 2013

Lava Kusa - Bharathanatya Natakam by Mahalakshmi Ashwin was staged recently here at Chinmaya Heritage Centre, Chennai. Written by Ashwin Kumar Iyer, Songs tuned in by P B Srirangachari and Choreographed by Mahalakshmi Ashwin, the production had senior dancers from TAPAS and Kalakshetra participating. 

Young dancers Niveditha and Manasa as Lava and Kusa did an excellent job in presenting nritta and bhava. Kalakshetrites Nideesh as Rama, Madhusudhanan as Lakshmana, Srinath as Bharatha did extremely well. Most astounding performance of all was by Sairam Krishna who brought hanuman's anger right in front of the audience's eyes. 

A puritan choreography sans any frills was a typical Kalakshetra style without any deviations and kudos to Mahalakshmi Ashwin for that. A sumptuous dance performance and was like after a long time having  unadulterated offering of home food.

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