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Rainbow of colors from Russia
19 December, 2013

-Sukanya Kumar


It was a warm ambience on a chilly evening.  In the words of His Excellency Mr. Nikolay Listopadov, Consul General of Russian Federation in South India “It is very cold here because of the (air) conditioner, well its Russia, maybe it’ll snow, but do feel our warmth.” The audience did!

The décor of the auditorium, with red seats and curtain, blue carpet and panels, white accessories, color code of the Russian flag transported the viewers to that foreign realm.

Consulate General of the Russian Federation jointly with Russian Centre of Science and Culture with the support of Continental Cultures Achievement Assembly organized a Russian Folk Dance Ensemble ‘Rainbow’. This event dedicated to the 20th Anniversary of the Constitution of the Russian Federation was inaugurated by His Excellency Mr. Nikolay Listopadov, Consul General of Russian Federation in South India, Ms. Natalia Pivovarova, President of Continental Cultures Achievement Assembly along with Mr. Mikhail Gorbatov, Vice-Consul and Director of Russian Cultural Centre.

True to their name ‘Raduga’ or ‘Rainbow’, the performing arts troupe from Voronezh city presented an evening full of colorful, rhythmic, aesthetic and joyful pieces. With their heads held high-literally-from the entrée with a baked cake in hand, the pirouettes, stunts and props, till the very finale, it was truly a visual treat! To add to that was the aural delight when the youngest member of the troupe sang and performed gymnastics with well modulated voice and flexile figure.

This troupe was formed in 1979 and won the National title the very next year. Most dance sequences consisting of mesmeric moves, spirited splits, casual cartwheels and tricky turns were performed to lilting lines of music. With songs so lyrical, the language barrier seemed to be no obstacle to enjoying the feet tapping music.

Props ranging from handheld mini percussions to ribbons, ropes, scarves and strings were wielded with ease by the youthful brigade of 12 dancers dressed in bright colors and floral patterns. The merriment while cheering their co-dancers and the joy they radiated while men “whop” ed and women “squeal” ed, kept the spectators hooked to their seats!

Variety is spice; it was evident in ample measure as the dancers took turns to regale the well attended gathering with astute footsteps laced with graceful mannerisms.

The final formation with Russian and Indian flags held with pride was a consummate climax to the event. 


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