Music Fest
Location: Chennai

Svanubhava is a cultural movement by the students of the performing arts to celebrate the Indian art like, exposing students to various Indian art forms. It is a unique event conducted by the students of the performing arts. It is described as an experience meant to inspire, learn & share...

The thrust areas are of Svanubhava are:

To create a community of students of the performing arts to instill in them a sense of ownership, belonging and pride, breaking all barriers of institutions and styles
To provide students with an opportunity to directly interact and learn from great artists as such opportunities are not generally available to the students
To develop a sense of respect and mutual understanding amongst students towards the various art forms.
To create a future generation that will contribute to the Indian performing arts, irrespective of their own pursuits

Svanubhava was conceptualized with the intention of welcoming the students to the diverse, multicultural world of Indian art and introduce them to the underlying beauty of even the rarest forms.
This festival aims to involve students of music and dance institutions, students from private and public educational institutions and in the process create hubs of student communities where they can feel a sense of belonging and nurture their passion towards Indian art forms.

Svanubhava was inaugurated at Chennai, where it was conducted a few times, with the support of educational institutions including, Kalakshetra, a premier institute of dance and music. Then it went national, taking the festival to our capital, New Delhi, conducted in partnership with the Gandharva Maha Vidyalaya, Delhi, one of the oldest and highly prestigious institutes of Indian art.

With this gathering momentum, the organisers hope to take Svanubhava to many other cities like Mumbai, Kolkata, Trivandrum, Trichy and many more, reaching out to the hubs of student communities and draw students into the realm of Indian culture. The aim is to create a national movement to celebrate our arts. The festival does not belong to any person or organization; it belongs to the students. Several senior musicians and stalwarts in the field are invited to perform, demonstrate, explain, share, while the youngsters gain a world of valuable experience. All the shows are free and the young people are invited to come in the traditional attire. Lunch is free.

There is an interactive session for 15 minutes after each performance that gives the additional advantage to the student community.

The core committee team of Svanubhava under the leadership of T M Krishna, consists of the dedicated young and bubbly bunch of musicians - Anirudh Athreya, Chandrasekhara Sharma, Dharini Kalyanaraman, Ramya Kannan, Rithvik Raja, Varisha Narayanan, Vikram K Raghavan.
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