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Professional Profiles
Jayalakshmi Sekhar
Born: Aug , 12 1955
Jayalakshmi Sekhar hails from a family of musicians, her guru being her father , Research Scientist, Sri CS Krishnaswamy, who played the flute for his own interest, taught her preliminaries in music and the flute.


S Sowmya
Born: Apr , 16 1969
A Carnatic musician by profession, Sowmya’s life has been soaked in melody from the very beginning. Growing up in a traditional South Indian family, she had her initial tutelage in music from her father Dr. Srinivasan,
Sanjay Subrahmanyan
Born: Jan , 21 1968
Sanjay Subrahmanyan is one of the most renowned musicians with an in depth knowledge and a powerful voice. He began learning music at the age of seven. Initial training was under V. Lakshminarayana on the violin
Nithyasree Mahadevan
Born: Aug , 25 1973
Nithyasree was born to Lalitha Sivakumar and I. Sivakumar. Her paternal grandmother, D K Pattammal and her granduncle, D K Jayaraman, were prominent Carnatic vocalists. Her maternal grandfather was Palaghat Mani Iyer, the Mridangam maestro. Her mother,
T M Krishna
Born: Jan , 22 1976
T. M. Krishna is one of the most acclaimed artistes in the field of carnatic music. Born to Mrs. and Mr. T.M.Rangachary, T.M.Krishna belongs to a family of music connoisseurs. From a very early age he
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