The Hindu November Fest 2012 in collaboration with Rhapsody
By Artiste : Rhapsody
When : 17 Nov 2012  | Time: 06:00 PM
Where : Sri Venugopal Vidhyalaya School
About the Event

Jungle Music - Music of the various instruments  – a wonderful experience


All of us would have definitely heard different music at the different places we travel, but has anybody ever heard about Jungle music – it sounds very awkward right? Yet there is a band - The Jungle Music Band, which can make reproduce the various noises of the jungle. They are a band from Denmark.

On the 17th of November, this special band performed for the students of Sri Venugopal Vidhyalaya, as a part of the Hindu November fest in collaboration with Rhapsody.  The program started off with “Parukkulle Nalla Nadu” in Jaunpuri Raga by the  Sargam Choir group under  the guidance of Dr. Sudha Raja,

And then the Jungle music band took over  with multiple music instruments. The Jungle Music band included Sashank on the flute  , Sai Giridhar on the  Mridangam and the kanjira. The group from Denmark was called the New Gen Orchestra too.

The first song - a composition by the guitarist for his daughter had the Flutist and the Mridangam artists joining in. The second song had all the instruments involved to create wonderful rhythmic music. The third song – the traditional Indian “Vathapi Ganapathim” by Mutthuswami Dhikshitar in Hamsadwani in Adi thalam which was followed by notes in Hamsadwani.

The most interesting bit was when every student in the hall also sang along with them. All the students joined the group to sing  a small part of an African peace song along with the notes of the different instruments. Each instrument player had 1-3 additional (accessory) instruments which also added a different tone and enhanced the entire composition of the music for the listener.

The concert was followed by a question and answer session where most of the students clarified their doubts  on the various music instruments played by the Jungle band.

Dr. Sudha Raja (principal of Rhapsody) presented the vote of thanks.

The rhythm had caught on as the students were singing the jungle band music and clapping to themselves as they were leaving the hall.  This was a lively and enjoyable experience which will never be forgotten. And will be specially remembered every time we think of a jungle.


By:- Sudharshanan Balaji

           VII B

           The PSBB Millennium School, OMR


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