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Tradition - An Evolving Continuum
28 October, 2015

An interview with Kiranavali Vidyasankar 

Sri. Chitravina Narasimhan, a living legend, has given this world four geniuses - Chitravina Ravikiran, K N Shashikiran, Kiranavali Vidyasankar and his nephew,... read more

The human element - That is India
20 December, 2014

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill, Irish Musicians, as they talk……. Martin Hayes the fiddle player and Dennis Cahill the guitarist spoke a few words exclusively to Sabhash. They had to leave... read more
Isai Peroli Saketharaman - work-life balance and passion
18 December, 2014

As he talked to Sabhash, one was amazed at his stunning clarity….. Read on……... It would be most appropriate if we start by mentioning the name of Lalgudi Jayaraman as he... read more
Arkay Convention Centre and Madhuradwani
11 December, 2014

In conversation with Sri Ramakrishnan: Though not a musician himself, he often used to be with his father when he was conducting music classes. That was during his school... read more
Face to Face with Sri T V Gopalakrishnan
26 August, 2014

- Uma Krishnaswamy Sri T V Gopalakrishnan, this year’s Sangeetha Kalanidhi recipient, is immensely happy to receive it and the Sabhash team takes this opportunity to congratulate him, and... read more

Hamsaa - the arts movement
19 December, 2013

Aparna Rao and Ramya Rajaraman are upbeat in their mood when they talk about their arts- movement, hamsaa. Their concept and aim are very futuristic and carries conviction, apart being... read more
Variety, thy name is O S Arun
09 December, 2013

  • How true? Look at the languages he knows! Tamil, English, Hindi, Telugu, Punjabi, Marathi ………
  • And the music genres he has probed and mastered…Carnatic, Hindustani, Ghazals per se’, Jazz, Bhajans both... read more
Y. Prabhu - A Profile
09 December, 2013

- by V.V. Ramani  Passion for the Arts saw Yagnaraman leave his legal practice to follow his heart - that as an organizer, promoting music and dance. His wife, like... read more

Kamya - Keerthana - An indepth interview
06 December, 2013

How easy is it to practice a genre of music so far away from its roots?  Kamya: We are a part of a big Carnatic music community in the U.S., which... read more
Dr. Meeta Pandit
02 December, 2013

-          V.V. Ramani “I switched on my TV and spent an hour listening to her. It was exhilarating. How could one so young in years acquire so much maturity in... read more

Jayalakshmi Balakrishnan of Raga Sudha Hall
29 November, 2013

 “Jaya is an organiser with a difference. She is in organising because of the love for music, that has been handed down to her by her father, Late S V... read more
Gene Passes On....
19 November, 2013

Nisha Rajagopal would receive the ‘Isai-p-peroli’ title from Kartik Fine Arts in December 2013. She is now an established singer and is one of the leading artistes among those in... read more
Rising Star Ram Kumar - by Lakshmi Venkatraman
22 April, 2013

An engineering graduate from Delhi College of  Engineering,Delhiwith three gold medals to his credit, Ram Kumar has also obtained MBA fromIndianSchoolof Business,Hyderabadwhere he was awarded both the Young Leader and... read more
Matoba Yuko - the Japanese connection to Veena
01 March, 2013

How did your interest in Indian music start and who were your first gurus? Professor Fumio Koizumi, an ethnomusicologist is the first person to introduce Indian Music to Japan. He studied... read more
Rising Star - Priyanka C. Prakash - Lakshmi Venkatraman
09 February, 2013

She is about to complete her C.A. and how she plans to pursue her profession is not quite clear now, though she wants to do it; but what she is... read more
Sandeep Narayan - Everything else is secondary to music
28 January, 2013

Your interest in Carnatic music...............How did all this begin?  It all began with my dear mother Shubha Narayan – who became my role model - who even now runs   a music... read more
Ms Usha Balachandran and Dr. Balachandran - by Lakshmi Venkatraman
24 January, 2013

Ms Usha and Dr. Balachandran have had a long innings in the field of music and dance and it continues. Wherever they lived, be it India, England, New Zealand, Canada... read more
The Music Lover from Sweden - Uma Krishnaswamy
15 January, 2013

Lars Fredriksson – From Stockholm to Chennai  Lars Fredrikson is from Sweden. He has been coming to Chennai for several years now during the music season. He is now... read more
Sumesh Narayanan, the young Mridangist - by Uma Krishnaswamy
12 January, 2013

Tell me about your family background My mother Chitra Seshadrinath is a product of Govt. Music College and took advanced training from Smt. Vedavalli. After marriage, when she moved to Mumbai,... read more
Rising Stars Dikshitha and Supraja Venkataraman - by Lakshmi Venkatraman
08 January, 2013

Siblings Dikshitha and Supraja, daughters of Uma and Venkataraman, though quite young, are busy in the Carnatic music circuit, particularly so in the recent times. While the older one Dikshitha... read more
Muthuswami Dikshithar - the subtleties, the profundity of his thought, the continuous Advaitic thread - by Dr. R. Asha (Sivasree)
08 January, 2013

Dr. R. Asha (Sivasree) is the grand-daughter of the Vedic scholar Sri V.N. Subramanya Iyer. Born to parents who nourished her academically, culturally and spiritually, Asha was an exceptionally outstanding... read more
Parassala Ponnammal's Young protege - N J Nandini
29 December, 2012

N J Nandini from Trivandrum, who is the granddaughter of Vechur Harihara Subramanya Iyer, has become a known figure among budding musicians. Now she is under the advanced tutelage of... read more
Kuldeep Pai.....His Views And Inner Calling
15 December, 2012

Kuldeep Pai came to Chennai as a youngster without any backing, but, with good proficiency in  Carnatic Music and a lot of self confidence.  After giving varied performances for almost... read more
Hanuman's Ramayana and Beyond....
07 December, 2012

******************************************************************* The story-teller is in town….Must come, Must see கதை கதையாம் காரணமாம்.......கதை கேட்க வாரீர் திரண்டு………….. ******************************************************************* Have you heard this story? It is all about the familiar Ramayana. Anil Srinivasan, the proficient pianist,... read more
Path Makers - by Lakshmi Venkatraman
05 December, 2012

Smt. A R Sundaram is 89, but her zest for life, particularly for music, has still not waned. It is only physical constraints which stop her moving out on her own... read more
Sikkil Gurucharan - From Isai Chudar to Isai Peroli
02 December, 2012

Sikkil Gurucharan, is the grandson of Sikkil Sisters who had made waves with their unified performances. Gurucharan thus belongs to a great musical tradition. He has learnt from Sri Vaigal... read more
Vocal Music = Fusion Music
01 December, 2012

The need of the hour, “Contemporary Music” Read on….. Proud recipients of the Sri P Obul Reddy and Smt P Gnanambal Memorial awards, Violin Duo Ganesh and Kumaresh were beaming with contagious... read more
Aruna Sairam - by Lakshmi Venkatraman
01 December, 2012

A few small steps taken in Mumbai into the world of Carnatic  music over four decades ago has become a globe trotting ones. Smt Aruna Sairam, who has a huge... read more
Rising Star J.A. Jayanth - by Lakshmi Venkatraman
22 October, 2012

Jayanth is a student of B.E. final year in Electronics& Instrumentation and a highly talented and passionate flautist in Carnatic music. Why did he choose this subject? “I hoped to... read more
Lakshmi Devnath and her Pictorial Project
15 September, 2012

 - by Lakshmi Venkatraman

Most of her current projects seem to be aimed at making our children aware of the richness and intrinsic... read more

Rising Star Bhavana Iyer - by Lakshmi Venkatraman
16 August, 2012

Bhavana Iyer ne Viswanathan was started on Sarali Varisai by her mother like any typical young girl from a TamBrahm family of Chennai. At that point she was quite playful... read more
The Triumphant Akshayam Choir
03 August, 2012

Chennai based Expert, Dr Sudha Raja's 15 members strong Choir Group – Akshayam, took part in the World Choir Games 2012, finished third and won the Bronze Medal for India... read more
Rising Star Sumithra Vasudev - by Lakshmi Venkatraman
11 July, 2012

Sumithra Vasudev has been winning appreciation and admiration from discerning Rasikas for her adherence to classical values of Carnatic music, her proper pronunciation of the lyrics, clarity of voice etc.... read more
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