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MY GURU - T. Brinda, by Geetha Raja
27 December, 2012

This is the centenary year of my guru T Brinda – Brindamma to many of us – an illustrious member of the Veena Dhanammal family, a veritable treasure house of... read more
Muthuswami Dikshithar - spoke so sweetly and so well
13 November, 2012

Less than a God, they thought, could not dwell
Within the hollow of that shell (the Indian Veena)
read more

Sethalapathi remembrance day
29 October, 2012

Sethalapathi Balasubramaniam (Balu Mama) was fondly remembered and recalled when his "Ninaivu Naal" was observed at Ragasudha Hall on 11th October, 2012. Baby Sreeram was all emotion as she tapped her... read more
The Doctrine of Thyagaraja : Smt. Vedavalli shares her Svanubhava
16 October, 2012

Smt. Vedavalli shares her Svanubhava Smt. Vedavalli made an unusual confession as she began her session. She proposed that the day's presentation would be neither a concert nor a kathakalakshepam... read more
Madras Youth Choir Remembers Writer R. Chudamani
01 October, 2012

Maestro (Late) M.B. Srinivasan’s Madras Youth Choir (MYC) struck the perfect chord yet again, when its members paid a musical tribute to the memory of eminent Tamil writer-painter-philanthropist R. Chudamani... read more
Manakkal Rangarajan touches 90, today.
13 September, 2012

- contributed by aarvalan celebrates this occasion by carrying a write-up about a documentary on him.

Our Namaskarams to... read more

Dr. Pinakapani is 100. Day-long celebrations at KGS
31 August, 2012

-by aarvalan

Last Saturday a towering musical personality entered his 100th year- Dr.... read more

Sounds different Eh
30 August, 2012

- contributed by aarvalan

On 24th August I had the fortune of listening to a veena concert by Jayanthi Kumaresh. I was destined to... read more

S. Rajam - Artiste-cum-Artist
21 July, 2012

- by Lakshmi Venkatraman

S.Rajam – a multifaceted artiste if there was one; call him a Carnatic musician, it would encompass a whole gamut... read more

Sangeetha Yogis
11 July, 2012

-contributed by Ghatam Vaidyanathan Suresh Every great art form puts itself into self assessment within a time frame, and ensures that, God, who created such an... read more

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