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Smt. MangalamGanapathy Music Trust - 12th Anniversary
31 January, 2014

Smt. Mangalam Ganapathy Music Trust celebrated their 12th Anniversary at Swami’s Hall, Mandaveli on 24th January 2014. Sri B.S.Raghavan, IAS (Retd), Former Chief Secretary, Government of Tripura and Former adviser to United Nations, was the Chief Guest of the Evening. An audio CD of Smt. Mangalam Ganapathy’s Compositions on Lord Sri Ayyappa was released on that occasion by Sri Raghavan  and the first copy was received by Sangitha Vidhushi Smt. Lalitha Sivakumar and the second copy by Sangitha Vidhushi Smt. Radha Kalyanaraman.

The Chief Guest honoured Smt. Laitha Sivakumar with the title “SANGITHA MANGALA VIDHUSHI” and Smt. Radha Kalyanaraman with the title “SANGITHA MAHALA GURU” for their yeoman service to the cause of Carnatic music, especially popularising the compositions of Smt.Mangalam Ganapathy by teaching the songs to their students enabling them to participate in competitions, the Satamangala lahari events and  perform concerts. Four students of Smt. Lalitha Sivakumar have been successful in winning the Thambura prize in the last ten years. Smt. Radha Kalyanaraman conducted the event Satha Mangala Lahari (a programme to render 100 compositions of Smt. Mangalam Ganapathy by her students in a day) on 27th Oct 2013. She was the sixth Guru to do this feat.

Sri Raghavan, in his presidential address, praised Mrs. Mangalam Ganapathy for her amazing out pour of the compositions which number more than 10000 as of now and their high literary qualities. He also congratulated the Title Awardees for their deserving contribution in the propagation of the compositions. Chief Guest Sri Raghavan distributed the prizes to the winners in the Annual Music competition held on 12th Jan 2014 and mementos to the Sangitha Gurus who sent their students in large numbers for the competitions. It should be mentioned here that the thambura prize winner of this year is Kumari K Rajalakshmi, disciple of Smt. Lalitha Sivakumar.

This was followed by a well performed vocal music concert of Kumari Lavanya Sundararaman, disciple and granddaughter of Smt. Lalitha Sivakumar, accompanied by Smt. Harini Srivathsa on violin and Sri. P.V.Srivathsa on Mridhangam. The concert was based exclusively on Smt. Mangalam Ganapathy’s beautiful compositions and was much appreciated by an enthusiastic audience.

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