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Madhuradhwani Music Festival Inauguration
04 December, 2014

- Bhaskaran Shivaraman

The fourth Madhuradhwani-Music Festival was Inaugurated by Dinamani Editor Shri Vaidyanathan, Nataraj IPS, Asthika Samajam V Narasimhan, and Vedanth Ramanujam

Shri Kannan was the MC and effectively played the role, while vocalist Cuddalore S.j. Jananiy sung the invocation song composed by Dr BMK in Kanakangi raga

Mr Narasimhan through his ever charming talk brought back the memories - naming of Sabhas and the music of yesteryears vividly, of how rasikas used to walk miles to hear concerts – crossing the paddy field and stories. while returning there were no lights and to drive away the fear how they used to discuss the ragas sung during the concert.

He appreciated Shri Arkay Ramakrishnan playing the role of an one man army like what the Station Master of Namanasamudram  in Pudokottai district where he used to arrange to everything for the passengers

While Nataraj IPS appreciated the efforts pointed out Sabhas playing the role of a bridge between the musicians and rasikas.

Dinamani Editor Shri Vaidyanathan appreciated the efforts and making a landmark and also reaching the audience across the world through his webcast.

Shri Vedanth Ramanujam(Auditor) gave vote of thanks and said how Shri Arkay encourages by giving top priority for young upcoming artists.

All the guests heaped huge praise on Shri Arkay Ramakrishnan on the occasion of ACC's 4th Anniversary Music Festival - in terms of lovely ambiance at ACC, his dedication and personal involvement in every aspect of organising concerts,encouraging young artists , the "sound" system, the webcast  and  Shri Arkay Ramakrishnan- in less than 4 years making ACC a land mark in Mylapore.

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