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Nanganallur rasikas were drenched in the music
31 December, 2014

It was an interesting concert at Nanaganallur Anjaneyar Temple held as part of Sri Hanumanth Jayanthi festival. 

Mysore H N Baskar held the audience in raptures with his classical Violin concert. Krithiga from London was on Violin Support, Shiva Bharadwaj on the Mridangam, Trichy Murali on the Ghatam, Harihara Sharma on the Kanjira and Shankar Viswanathan on the Morsing. 

The big team had an impressive start with Vatapiganapathim in Hamsadhwani ragam with swara improvisations in Tisram and chatusram. Anupama Gunambudhi in Atana quickly followed with brisk swarams. The lilting item next was Seethamma in ragam Vasantha, set to Roopaka talam with extended tala improvisation in kanda nadai. 

One of all time and all rasikas' favourite, Raguvamsa Sudha in ragam Kadanakudookalam brought in fresh spirits to maintain the tempo of the concert. Main krithi of the concert was Vasudeva in Kalyani ragam with swarams in misram and a grand thani avarthanam by the large percussion team. It resembled a tala vadhya kacheri and hooked the audience who were spell bound. 

Baro Krishnaiah and Kurai undrum illai followed  and were enjoyable numbers to all the rasikas, Krishna NeeItem and ThaviThavi, ragamalika piece by Baskar and rhythmic arrangement  by Shankar Viswanathan in Misra Chapu Talam brought the concert to an end. The local rasikas couldnt have asked for more!

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