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Sa Ma Ga
28 February, 2020

Sa Ma Ga for you!

Varisais are beginner lessons in carnatic music. They may sound boring and may not have a great appeal. But these lay the foundation and lay it ever so strongly. Sa Ma Ga tries to make the maximum out of these initial lessons, those “absolute basics that a student must grasp before moving on to the more complex repertoire”.

What we get to see is a you tube video, of course ad-free and features the young and bubbling team of Sushma Somasekaran, Aditya Prakash on the Vocals and Sumesh Narayanan on the Khanjira. Sushma says "These exercises / 'varisais' play an important role for me to this day, as a part of my daily practice routine.” As the vocalists render these varisais in Mayamalavagowlai, they also extend it further with different kalams (speeds, if you like) and even take it further to present a thanam which forms one of the basic components in a Ragam Thanam Pallavi (RTP) segment in a full-fledged concert. Thereby the uninitiated initial listener (for whom this video is possibly intended) is also given a peep into the most desirable, loftiest and creative element that could occur in a kutcheri. The vocalists also give us as swaras in all possible combinations the notes could take and by turns indulge in akara rendering (by one) while simultaneously the other renders the swaras individually. Interestingly at the appropriate moments they are joined by the controlled sound of the Khanjira, presented by Sumesh, who is normally known for his accompanying anusaranai on the mridangam. In case you had wanted an alapana there is a filler like piece at some point that sounds like raga delineation.

On the notes that appear below this you tube video Sushma has indulged  in some loud-thinking:  “As I started thinking as a composer, these varisais  also became my creative fodder.Was it possible to create an entire piece using these exercises? Can I create complexity using the simplicity of these basic exercises?"

Credits: Composition & Arrangement - Sushma Soma | Aditya Prakash Mixed & Mastered by - MT Aditya Srinivasan Recorded by - MT Aditya Srinivasan at Offbeat | Siddharth at Aura Studios Video by - The Caveman's Studio Video Location - Aura Studios


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