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Countering COVID19 Musically
31 March, 2020

Countering COVID19 musically

While quite a few postings of many kinds are doing their rounds in preserving peace during these hard times a look at a few that are inclined musically:

Dikshith has presented on Day 5 of the Quarantine series a song from the Rolling Stone's Top 500. The song is ‘Tears in Heaven' by Eric Clapton. Dikshith exclaims “What a beautiful song this is!” And here is what he adds “To think that he lost his son when he was just 4 years old”

Sushmitha Anand has presented raga of the day, Gowri Manohari and in her post and talks about the related ragas. Then she renders the arohanam & avaaohanam of the raga and follows it with the  definition piece Guruleka Etuvanti of Thyagaraja. She also sings Gowri Manohara Karunakara Sivasankara (Papanasam Sivan)and then takes us on to Thoorathil Naan Kanda Kanavu, a film song by Janaki.

In another post shared by Sri Aravinda Mudaliar there is the song Eppadi Paadinaro by  Sudhananda Bharathi in Karnataka Devagandhari sung by one Sridhar Mani. Who can forget that this song was popularized by Smt D K Pattammaal! This post carries the entire lyrics of the song.

Wishing us all a Happy Ugadi Trichur Brothers sing for us an Annamayya Krithi, Nanati Brathuku in Revathi to remember this occasion. Their wish: “Samastha Loka Sukhino Bhavanthu!” And here they wish the well-being of ALL.

Sindhu Vasudevan sings Kaaka Unaakku Irakkam Illaya in Kharaharapriya of Papanasam Sivan. She is from Austin, Texas.

Viaslakshi Nithyanand has chosen to sing Maname Muruganin Mayilvahanam a film song from Motor Sundaram Pillai (Sivaji & Sowcar) sung by Radha Jayalakshmi. Actuallly it is a “Throwback” she says to Navaratri 2019. She adds: In middle of a pandemic, doing and holding on to the one thing that is dearest to me: my music. She then appeals: What do you hold dearest to yourself besides family? We all have that one thing we would never part with no matter what. Hold on to it and do it more until this severe cloud passes.

What pleases one uniformly in all these is the rendering that is without accompaniments which thereby serves to highlight the lyrics and the bhavam associated with these numbers!

Let us hope along with all of these well-wishers that we tide over the crisis and begin life afresh!


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