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Lovely performance by Ranjani Sivakumar
19 December, 2013

- Soundararani V 

Ranjani Sivakumar, a sishya of Dr Pantula Rama, has a smooth melodious voice, and we could sense the reflections of the Guru in her performance at Sastri Hall, for SAFE.

Starting off with a varnam in Aarabhi, she sang Paahi Paahi Bala Ganapathe, a rare composition of Mazhavai Chidambhara Barathi.

Then, ventured into Gowri Manohari with an elaborate raga alapana. She  handled it well, as it could easily overlap with Keeravani. The song was Guruleka Etuvanti, a master piece of Thyagaraja.

Impeccable Telugu pronunciation and remarkable diction marked her rendering of  Enduku Dhayaradu (Thodi - Thyagaraja).

The quick Jalanadhara in valaji was vibrant and heavenly, and gave a good break after the heavy numbers.

The RTP was in Aarabhi, keeping with the tradition of RTP in the same raga as the varnam. The ragamalika swaras were in Anandha Bhairavi, Amirthavarshini, Garudadhwani, and she showed absolute ease in the rendering. The pallavi was captivating and elegant - Aadidum thillai arase - aanandam thandom thandom ena..on the eve of Arudra Dharisanam. The 'ease' was inspite of the disturbances associated with the tech team that marched 'bang in' near the concert dais, to support the next event to happen in the hall. 

The songs towards the end - the kavadi chindu, Manju nigar, thirupugazh thullumadha vetkai were all choicest selections that kept the mood of the concert euphoric.

Ranjani had learnt earlier from Mrs Seetha Narayanan, Late Sri N S Srinvasan and Late Sri Serthalapathy Balasubramaniam.

Ranjani was ably accompanied by S.V. Sudarsan on the Violin and Srivanchiam R. Sriram on the Mrdangam.


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