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Recent rains and our stand
14 Dec, 2015

The recent rains have played enough havoc in Chennai. People have been left stranded without their basic resources that are much needed to run their daily lives. In fact some from the music fraternity have been affected thoroughly as witnessed by the many photographs appearing in face book or in the dailies or from the personal accounts artistes have given us.

Instances have come to our notice where especially in certain areas in Chennai mridangam vidwans have virtually lost many of their instruments. The same applies to the sensitive instrument like the veena which has been held as a sacred instrument. For most there is a sentimental angle attached to this. They have lost their prized invaluable possessions. The loss is both immeasurable and irreparable for them.

And now the basic question confronts you? Considering the unprecedented and even unfathomable nature of the disaster inflicted upon us should the music season be on? Can’t it wait or even be cancelled?

The one answer that dismisses all other arguments is the enormous preparation that must have gone into this festival and the sincerity and devotion with which it has been done. The singers must have put their heart and soul into the making of pallavis to clinch the attention of the experts who could be among the audience too. They must have worked out special kirthis for presentation and must have delved deep into them for making their rendering accurate and disciplined. The accompanists, both violinists and laya vidwans, must have gathered all their wits to match the original pallavis and krithis, both in its basic form and intricacies.

The stage decorators, the flower merchants and other allied contractors must have also put their things in place to carry on the show. The catering community should have been also geared its machinery to give its best. The whole gang of volunteers must been eagerly awaiting this opportunity to reestablish their familiarity with familiar persons.

So keeping in consonance with the decision of many sabhas that have joined together and decided to go ahead with the festival, we at sabhash, after an understandable lull have decided to do our coverage of events. We have to point out here with remorse that our photographer Sri Rajesh, a resident of West Mambalam, has taken a severe beating on account of the flooding and has now partly recovered to be on the job. The same applies to our coordinator, Mrs. Vinodha who takes care of the updates relating to the events and other items like reviews. She was a resident of the ill-fated Velachery. We dutifully acknowledge all those who have given us a helping hand during our time of distress and our heart goes out to all those who going around contributing their mite either in the form of aid or in the form of physical work. We at sabhash feel that our regular readers will bear with us the inconvenience caused to them and also pardon our shortcomings, if any, during this interregnum.

Instead of brooding over the state of remorse that has befallen us we have to think in terms of a path of recovery. In what better way can that be done except following the dictum “when the going gets tough, the tough get going”. Our journey continues…………….

Management Team @ sabhash

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