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Shraddha's Bharathi staged on Children's Day
20 November, 2014

Shraddha’s Bharathi staged on Children’s Day served to remember the birthday of Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru in a fitting way. It traced the travails of a young girl Bharathi, whose parents... read more
Mudhra's Drama Festival - Ishwaryam
17 June, 2014

Mudhra, one of the front-ranking Sabhas that promotes Music and Drama had organized a Drama Festival from 8th June to 13th of June, 2014, at its usual venue, Infosys Hall,... read more
Kodai Nataka Vizha - Oru Robovin Diary
08 May, 2014

-Sukanya Kumar “OruRobovin Diary” The title was itself attractive and the announcement before the beginning of the play made the audience sit up. “It is the same voice I... read more

Kodai Nataka Vizha - 2BHK
08 May, 2014

- Sukanya Kumar 2 BHK by SrirangamRangamani showcased the sentiments and economic woes of a middle class Chennai person whose dream to live in a two bedroom hall kitchen... read more

Ada Kadavule - Kodai Nataka Vizha Day 1
28 April, 2014

- Sukanya Kumar The opening drama “Ada Kadavule” by SathyaSai Creations had a good story line, well- knit scenes, pertinent dialogue, effective stage props and setting, good acting by... read more

Kodai Nataka Vizha 2014 - Inauguration
28 April, 2014

- Sukanya Kumar All is well that begins well! The 25thKodai Nataka Vizha hosted by Kartik Fine Arts (KFA) in association with Nalli was inaugurated at the Narada Gana... read more

Bodendral's life depicted
22 February, 2014

Bodendral’s life depicted – Drama and Narration merge - Silver Jubilee Celebrations of Mahalakshmi Ladies Drama Group @ NGS  Hall Nama Bodendral was the 59th Pontiff of Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Mutt.... read more
Theatre with a new perspective
03 December, 2013

Shraddha presented 3 dramas sequentially on the same day - Aazhwaar, Silicon Vaasal and Ezuththukkaarar.  A word about Shraddha.  Sarvashrii Shivaji Chaturvedhi, T D Sunderrajan and Smt. Prema Sadasivam had made... read more
Tughlaq - misunderstood and hence maligned?
01 July, 2013

Tughlaq’s rule is often talked about in derogatory terms. People repeatedly find fault with his capital-shifting and name it as the most futile of exercises that history has ever witnessed.... read more
Sathiya Vaakku at the Drama Festival - 113th year celebration - Sri Parthasarathy Swami Sabha
24 June, 2013

சத்தியத்திற்குப் பல முனைகளிலிருந்தும் சோதனை ; சத்தியம் வென்று தீருமா எனும் கேள்விக்கு பதிலளிக்கும் வகையில் அமைந்திருந்த்து “சத்திய வாக்கு” நாடகம். எளிமையான நிலையிலிருந்து கலெக்டர் பதவிக்கு உயர்ந்த மருமகள். ஆனால் மகனோ தீக்‌ஷிதர் தொழிலை மேற்கொண்டுள்ளவர். இதனால் தாழ்ந்த மனப்பான்மை... read more
07 August, 2012

by Soundrarani V The theatre group Shraddha, along with Mac Trics, a mime and body theatre group, inaugurated the Tamil play, Vidhuran, to a full house audience. This is... read more

Shraddha's - Madineruppu, Andarangam & Irandavathumaranam
07 August, 2012

by Soundararani V Shraddha's Three Crisp Plays, A Value Entertainment The short plays, three of them, reflect three situations that are distinctly portrayed - Faith is the theme... read more

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