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Kodai Nataka Vizha - 2BHK
08 May, 2014

- Sukanya Kumar

2 BHK by SrirangamRangamani showcased the sentiments and economic woes of a middle class Chennai person whose dream to live in a two bedroom hall kitchen flat is not fulfilled till the end.

Madhavan in his middle age buys a flat of his own after selling off ancestral lands and taking a huge Bank loan. The family is happy and all they can talk of is the Grahapravesam, the housewarming. If not an independent house, at least a flat. But he is unable to manage the high EMI and on request of a prospective tenant he leases his flat for a considerable rent. His dream is now his daughter who is an engineering student. The parents dote on their only daughter and build their dreams around her future career. She is selected in campus interview and gets employed in WIPRO with a whopping salary package of 5.25 lacs per annum.

But as luck would have it, a proposal for a marriage alliance crops up and not willing to forego a good bridegroom the parents set aside their dreams though mentally and financially they are not prepared for the marriage of their daughter. The groom’s side have no demands or dowry but want a grand marriage. The groom even offers to share the marriage expenses. But Madhavan is too old fashioned to accept this. The parents spend beyond their capacity for the wedding.

After the marriage, as agreed earlier, the daughter tells her parents to go to their own flat and she would pay the EMI. Though son in law is supportive, Madhavan’s prestige will not allow this and he counsels his daughter that after marriage her duty is towards her husband and his family.

Madhavan, unable to meet the loan liability and as all avenues are closed, sells his flat at a reasonable profit, clears the loan and banks the balance amount for future.

All along they are living in an independent old house whose owner expects them to share the cost of repeater repairs. IN the end Madhavan tells his wife that they should forget the dream of owning a flat and live off the bank interest. She being a great cook can contribute to enjoyment of life. The house has a major repair and the owner asks them to contribute a major amount from the savings promising that he will never ask them to vacate. Madhavan is defeated even in his small joys.

The stage settings and good acting made the drama interesting and many people who are hit by the rising prices of homes could identify themselves with the theme. 

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