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Shraddha's - Madineruppu, Andarangam & Irandavathumaranam
07 August, 2012

by Soundararani V

Shraddha's Three Crisp Plays, A Value Entertainment

The short plays, three of them, reflect three situations that are distinctly portrayed - Faith is the theme on which these plays are built around.

The scenes hang in our minds for long; with chic dialogues and a good sense of practicality they are a treat to watch.

All the plays deal with issues we experience in lives, but have we ever stopped a minute to think it over with a neutral mind! Well, this is a chance.

The rapid urbanisation, the real estate companies and the political nexus intimidating the common men disturbing their balance, greed for acquiring land, the unethical ways, the plight of the targeted senior citizens whose children are abroad.... All these have been matter to sulk.

Madineruppu is a chance to lament this menace loudly, in the open.

Caught between the inability to cope - the golden memories of the past and the scary challenges the present urban life throws, how does one take on the lure of handsome incentives - do we have to yield ultimately?

The punch line is, 'The cities are losing the identity of human lives, while the concrete jungles take over," laments Kathadi Ramamoorthy, who later fell to the axe of the scheming realtors.

Andarangam - It is all about the personal space of individuals, be it in marriage or in the society, can this right be denied. But is this going to create a strain in relationships too? What is the limit of intrusion? The play is about a wrongly sent mail of a wife to her husband. Can she coax him successfully to delete the unintended mail unread. As the interesting and serious conversation unfolds smoothly, we are left in a dilemma as to who we should vote for! The final scene is interesting.

Irandavathumaranam - The deep emotions of a son, who is pulled from all sides. His loving dad is brain dead, and he had to take a decision. Watch the play to know how he is being tossed.

The plays are value entertainment one can cherish. There are no gaudy sets and jarring music. No over acting.

Though the plays deal with issues for which we could never arrive at a solution unanimously, the endings on the stage are logical and appealing for all, to the great relief of the audience. The direction is highly dignified. The actors are absolutely pleasing and have contributed greatly in making it a success. 

The short plays penned by Anand Raghav have been brought by Shraddha

Madineruppu is directed by Kathadi Ramamurthy and the cast includes Ramesh, Kathadi Ramamurthy, Shivaji Chaturvedi and Chandru

Andarangam is directed by Swaminathan and the cast includes Swaminatha, Kavitha & Cheenu

Irandavathumaranam is directed by G. Krishanamurthy and the cast includes Girish, Suchitra, Balaji, Venkat, S.L. Naanu and Anand Raghav


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